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Crude Oil Market Update

Crude Oil Gaps Higher ...Again

October 25, 2021 - (Gold Market Wire) - If you had to pick the two big commodity markets that have missed the party as of late...the party where lumber sent out the invitations to the agriculture markets, who invited their wild friends from Natgas and Electricity to tag along... the poor saps left off the invite list would have to be Precious Metals and Crude Oil. Well, they may have lost their invites, forgot the address or had the dinner jacket/tuxedo in the cleaners...but it looks like they finally made it to the party.

Crude Oil is gapping higher today,after a tremendous October to date - and show no signs of wanting to go home early.

...its tough not to get excited about a formation like this!

A cold outlook for Europe this winter (sorry Global Warmers!), and an intransigent EU who wants is playing sulky child by claiming Moscow is being 'unfair', after they stockpiled little or no heating source, while ripping up their nukes on a whim and speaking about the evils of coal and insisting we were heading into a warming period is about to have its proverbial head handed to it. Less than one year ago, energy was on the floor. Did anyone think to buy going forward and take advantage of the discount? Did anyone thinks of getting some long-term swaps in? How about, any of the governments who love to build debt upon debt for largely unproductive, ideologically geared social programs? Did any of them actually do some real thinking and planning to safe guard their citizens futures - a true 'social program'? The answer is a resounding no.

Less than a year ago crude oil was a mere 1/3 of what it costs today... and it is about to go higher still. Talk about missing your chances. But that's what happens when government gets involved. Eventually it all goes wrong at the same time. Now it has. The answer, of course, will be to tax everyone on the back of their mismanagement. That's how people in government - who have failed to protect their citizenry in an existential manner - act.

For those with access to the markets and a few brain cells left, they better get jumping and secure some exposure to price action. We are entering a new age of energy prices - and that age is going to mean significantly higher prices, with no real end in sight. Got a problem with that? Call Greta and complain. See what see can do for you.

Traders see things like this as opportunities - while everyone else screams that its all 'unfair'. Well, the world can be a harshly unfair place - it's true. But if you actually think (or thought) that government was going to do what was in your best interests - you are going to find yourself in a heap of trouble.

Political rant over.

Man, crude oil sure looks good!

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